About Us

Welcome to Noelle Gift Shop!

At Noelle Gift Shop, client satisfaction and their confidence in our products matter to us, which is why we are committed to providing quality, on-trend skincare and cosmetic products using non-toxic, vegan/gluten-free, high-end, domestic, and imported ingredients.

Noelle Gift Shop intends to lead in the beauty/cosmetic industry by building strong brands and offering products with the best quality and value in their categories.
Providing the best possible services to our retailers and consumers and recognizing their importance to our continued success.

“To enhance the quality of life by using healthier ingredients for a luxurious vegan skincare.”

Why chose us?


To make a difference through our branding and use of healthier, vegan/gluten-free ingredients. To stay ahead of cosmetic market changes and the latest beauty trends.

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  • We provide professional support to all our customers and partners.
  • We are trustworthy to deliver our services.
  • We are professional, yet our products are affordable.
What do we do?

Noelle Gift Shop is committed to providing quality, on-trend skincare and cosmetics products, using high-end, domestic and imported ingredients which helps our customers reach their flawless, confident, and elegant self.

Our Mission

To provide healthier, non-toxic, vegan/gluten-free products that nourish, hydrate, repair, and enhance the look and feel of the skin. To innovate, to lead, and to provide best-value products and services to global customers.

History Of Us

Born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa, Noelle Gift Shop CEO Yetunde Olora migrated to the United States to join her father and sister while continuing her education. Before migrating, she had an Associate degree in Mass Communication, a certificate in Cosmetology and beauty therapy. She was the founder of Rosemonde Salon and Spa, which opened its shop in 2008. However, Yetunde knew her knowledge of cosmetology wasn’t enough; therefore, she continued her education to earn a Master’s Degree in Business Management. She improved herself and her knowledge of beauty ingredients in search of the right products to share with her customers.

What Our Customers Say?

Good customer services and fast delivery. I will definitely order for more products.


The makeup products are the best products I have use so far and the quality is very good.


Amazing products. The skincare products are very effective.